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The Office of the University Registrar determines student registration status. In order to be considered a registered student by the University, a student must:

  • complete course enrollment according to individual college requirements;
  • settle all financial accounts, including current semester tuition;
  • clear any holds, whether these are from the Bursar's Office, Gannett Health Center, the Judicial Administrator, or the student's college;
  • satisfy New York State health requirements.

Students can determine their registration status at the beginning of the semester by logging in to Student Center (a password-protected service) and looking at the “Holds” box on the home page. If there are no holds, the student is registered with the University. If there is a hold that says:

  • “No Registration, Trans, Diplma” or
  • “No Registration”

then the student is not registered. It is possible for there to be other Holds listed that do not affect registration. The student may click on “Details,” then click on the “Hold Item” link to find out what is affected and how to clear the hold.

Only students can access Student Center to view their holds.  It is a violation of university policy for a student to share their NetID and password with family or anyone else.

After the third week of classes a student who is not registered will lose access to university services and be charged a $350.00 late fee, in addition to finance charges. If a student registers after the sixth week of classes, they will be charged a $500 late fee, in addition to finance charges. Failure to register will impact financial aid, loan deferments and health benefits that rely on in-school status. This may also affect the ability to use certain services on campus such as Cornell Card, Library Services and Gannett Health Services.

Students can see their class schedules on Student Center before they are actually registered. This should not be used as an indication that they are registered.  


Contact Information

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