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Enrolling in Classes

Use Student Center to request classes for the upcoming semester during the enrollment period and to add or drop classes for the current semester during the add/drop period.  If you're new to Cornell, be sure to check out the video tutorials on using Student Center.


1. Choose your classes. If you are a new student enrolling over the summer, follow the guidelines sent by your college about choosing classes. You will have an opportunity to meet with your advisor when you arrive on campus.

  • The Courses of Study contains full course descriptions. Use it to gather a list of courses in which you may want to enroll.
  • The Course Roster notes exactly when and where courses are being taught for the semester in which you are enrolling. Use it to draw up a schedule. Make note of the 4 or 5-digit Class Number for all the classes (lectures, discussion sections, labs, etc.) you want to take, you will need that number to enroll. Find the Class Number right before the specific lecture, lab or discussion for the course.
  • Use Student Center to enroll in classes. Class Search within Student Center is the most up-to-date source of information about available classes.

Continuing students enrolling during the fall or spring semester for the next semester should contact their advisors. Advisors approach course enrollment and add/drop differently. Some may want to work with you to enter classes, others may want you to have already entered your class requests before you see them. Be sure that you know your advisor's preferences.

2. Enter your class requests. There are three steps to adding a class:

  1. Select a Class (and set Enrollment Preferences);
  2. Confirm Your Request; and
  3. Finish Enrolling.

You can enter your classes one at a time (i.e., enter your highest priority class first and complete all three steps, then do the next class, etc.) or enter all of your classes in the “shopping cart” and then complete steps 2 and 3. Just remember that your request is not submitted until you’ve completed step three.

If you cannot access enrollment during your assigned enrollment appointment time or during the add/drop period see the Enrollment FAQ.

3. Make changes to your class requests. You can log in as many times as you like during your course enrollment period to adjust your requests. You can add, drop or swap classes. Swapping classes ensures the one you want to add is open before dropping you from the class for which you’re already enrolled. See the Enrollment FAQ for more on how to swap classes.

If your advisor wants you to enter your class requests before your advising session, be sure to complete the third step or he/she will not be able to view your classes in Faculty Center.

4. For fall or spring course enrollment only...finalize your schedule and submit your requests before the end of your enrollment period. After this time, you cannot make any changes to your enrollment request. You can add and drop during the add/drop period at the beginning of the semester.

You may log in 24 hours a day, during the enrollment and add/drop periods.



  • Protect your data.  Quit your browser to log out. To ensure no one can come in after you and see your personal information (SSN included) always quit the browser completely to log out when you’re done with Student Center.
  • Do not click more than once on any given action. This could slow down your response time significantly.
  • Do not log in from multiple browsers or machines to perform the same task.
  • To get back home from anywhere in Student Center look for the drop-down box (always in the upper right and lower left corners of a page), choose Student Center and click the >> button).
  • If you use scheduling tools e.g. College Scheduler, Chequerd, Schedulizer: These sites are not endorsed or supported by the University and may contain incorrect or outdated information.  Always review the Courses of Study and the Course and Time Roster before making final enrollment selections.


  • Call the Student Center Helpline at 607-254-4795 Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 4:15 PM.
  • Send email to

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