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Student Center

Student Center offers a way to access your information 24/7 from your computer. It is a suite of services that allows you to update your contact information, check for holds preventing your registration, enroll in courses, view grades, request official transcripts, and review financial accounts, including financial aid.

Students use Student Center every term, and even after graduation, so it is important to become proficient with this tool right away.

How to Access Student Center

Student Center is available at You will need your Network ID (NetID) and password. It is a violation of university policy to share NetIDs and passwords with anyone, including family members. You can access Student Center through any networked computer with an appropriate web browser.

Student Center has three main areas: Academics, Finances and Personal Information.


  • View your schedule.
  • View and print grades by semester. View current semester grades as they become available.
  • View your registration status at the beginning of each semester. This includes holds that may be on your record (look in the "holds" box).
  • View your enrollment appointment information.
  • Add and drop classes. Learn more on the Enrollment pages.
  • Request official transcripts (in the “other academic” drop down list-please disable popup blockers).
  • View your advisor name and contact information.

Finances - Bursar and Financial Aid

  • Review your bursar account by Account Summary or Account Detail.
  • Look at your aid application status and find out if there are other required forms you need to complete on your Financial Aid Checklist.
  • View a summary of your financial aid package by academic year.

For your CornellCard balances & transactions, visit

Personal Information

Making Changes to Personal Information

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the Student Center page (Personal Information tab).
  2. Select the item you want to edit from the "other personal" dropdown list, i.e. adresses, privacy settings.
  3. Click on the double right arrow button (to the right of the dropdown list).

Help us help you in an emergency. Keep all of your contact information up to date.


Address Type
Home Your W2 will be sent to this address, as will the 1098T tax form the Bursar sends each year (see note under Billing).
CU Assigned If you live on-campus, this will be filled in and updated automatically by the University.
Student Local Your paycheck will be sent to this address unless you live on-campus or have direct deposit.
Student International If you have an international address in addition to your home address (which can be domestic or international), you would enter it with this address type.

Emergency Contact Information

We collect two types of contact information:

  • Emergency Mass Notification - a phone number (can be both a voice phone and a text message enabled phone if you have one) where we are best able to reach you at any time. This number will ONLY be used to contact you in the event of a campus emergency. To enter or update, choose Emergency Mass Notification from the list under Personal Information.
  • Emergency Contact - name and phone number for a person to contact in the case of a personal emergency (e.g., you are injured). Choose the Emergency Contact Info link to maintain that information.

This data is confidential and not shared except with those who need to communicate with you or your Emergency Contact in the event of a university emergency.


Contact Information

Office of the University Registrar
B07 Day Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
(607) 255-4232

Mon-Fri 8:00-4:15

Email us at: